Below is a list of products and materials that have been used, and in some cases, products we think could be useful to build sustainably in the Methow Valley. It is not meant to be a directory of every item needed to build or remodel a house, or an endorsement of a particular product—it is a list of "green", or at least "greener" products. There will be times, when you will have to chose between the lesser-of-two-evils—use your best judgement, think globally, and consider the future. And PLEASE, if you come across an interesting product, click the Feedback Spot below, and send us the information—we all need your help.
Finishes—Non-toxic( low VOC or volatile organic compounds) paints, non-toxic wood finishing oils, solvents, sealers, etc.• Twisp Environmental• (509) 997-0036.

Marmoleum™ flooring— Also, low VOC paints etc. and many more products • Environmental Home Center, now called Ecohaus. •

Flooring—Locally grown and milled wood for flooring. • Methow Valley Lumber • (509) 997- 8541

Wood beams—repurposed, recycled, and historic wood beams and other wood components for a house. • Havilla Shake Company, Tonasket • (509) 486-1467

HardiPlank Siding™ (and related products)—A siding made of low toxic materials wood pulp, cement, sand, and water. Products are manufactured regionally to reduce transportation cost, have a good durability, and low maintenance. •

Zomeworks Tracker™ (solar)— Using a tracker can increase the output of a PV array 25–40% annually. Trackers can be somewhat expensive, but may pay for themselves by requiring fewer panels to meet your needs. •

Solatube™—An alternative to skylights. Relatively easy installation. It can bring daylight into rooms a skylight or window can't reach (also may be useful where snow would block a skylight). Using daylight reduces he need for electric lighting. •

Rastra Block—(See T&P—Shell)

Conserv™ Refrigerator— An energy efficient refigerator/freezer made in Denmark. Efficient refrigerator/freezers are especially important if you are off-grid, and want to use electric rather than propane to power the unit. •

TerraPass— A way to "balance the (carbon footprint) emissions you cannot reduce". You, with the help of the site, figure out a number - measuring your house building's greenhouse emissions. You send TerraPass a set amount of money and they invest in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects, such as solar power. TerraPass certifies that the projects are legitimate. You receive a certificate or sticker confirming your contribution toward a cleaner planet.•

CFL–– Compact fluorescent lights use 66% less energy and last 6 to 10 times longer than incandescent lightbulbs. You can get a good deal on them at the local PUD.

Premier Building Systems SIP–– Structural Insulated Panels are energy and labor efficient ways to build walls, roofs and floors. Premier Building Systems is a leading company making the panels in Washington State. Note: Robert and Gina Meredith (house 15) toured the Premier company factory in Fife. They were impressed that as well as making a good product, the company works hard to keep their own business practices environmentally aware. This is important information. Thank you Robert and Gina! •

• GE 30 inch induction cooktop - $1500 - uses less energy to heat a cup of water than a microwave - produces no indoor air pollution like gas - is more precise in cooking control.