Links (biggest sustainability site on web) (The Rocky Mountain Institute: go to Home Energy Briefs) (see virtual tours) (Cascadia Green Building Council) (site for information) ( Washington State non-profit building guild) (practical information)
www.architecture2030 (why green building is important and how to get there) (products, formerly Environmental Home Center) (news site from the Northwest) (products from Real Goods company) (examples of real world eco homes for sale, many are pricey) ( considerations for your design process)

Methow Valley links: (Wenatchee group) (Good local information for living green.) (Authors of: " Restoring Shrub-Steppe in the Methow Valley". "Good Neighbor Handbook-A Guide for Landowners in the Methow Valley"–– we've found the first edition (2000) to have a bit more information about building than the second edition (2005), but both are extraodinary publications—and they're free) (lower valley land use advisory group) (permits, county codes etc.)

Books on Green Building
• "Natural Remodeling for the Not - So - Green House", Kelly Lerner & Carol Venolia
•••(Lerner is a celebrated Spokane architect.)
• "Ecohouse 2", Sue Roaf, et al.
• "The Natural House", Dan Chiras
• "Homes That Heal", Athena Thompson (Practical non toxic living within a home.)
• "Prescriptions For A Healthy Home", Paula Baker (An excellent source of real world building info.)
• "The Good House Book", Clarke Snell (A fact filled introduction to green home building.)

Important Books:
• "Ecology of Commerce", Paul Hawkin
• "Cradle to Cradle", William McDonough
• "Natural Capitalism", Amory Lovins, et al.
• "Biomimcry",Janine Benyus
• "A Pattern Language", Christopher Alexander, et al (Now there are many more in the series.)
• "Plan B 3.0", Lester R. Brown (you can download it for free on

Magazines and Booklets
• "Home Power" (magazine)
• "Environmental Design and Construction" (free to building professionals)
• “Good Neighbor Handbook-A Guide for Landowners in the Methow Valley” (Booklet)
• “Restoring Shrub-Steppe in the Methow Valley” (Booklet)
•••Both booklets are excellent, and available free from the Methow Conservancy
• "Sustinere", local journal by PSM (Partnership for a Sustainable Methow)

Other Resources
• Tehnical Assistance Group (TAG), Land use planning, construction management, and engineering •••firm. Contact John Hayes or Luke Evans (509)996-0000
• Methow Resource Recovery—A good source for recycled building materials in the Methow Valley. ••• • (509)997-5643